All stay at one rate: no extra charge


With the Club Family Hotel All Inclusive®Open Bar your holiday is without worries

Okay, think about your favorite holiday village and the myriad of services it offers you and the people you love. Now forget all the extra costs that a stay like this could entail. With the exclusive formula Club Family Hotel All Inclusive Open Bar the cost of the holiday is already included in the rate communicated at the beginning of your stay and includes everything you and your little ones can want at the sea in Riccione.

  • Drinks without limit on tap during meals.  You can use water, Pepsi, Schweppes lemon and orange, white and red wine and beer.
  • Open Bar every day from 07.30 to 24.00, at the bar in the hotel: including coffee (coffee, cappuccino, tea, chocolate…) and soft drinks water, Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Max, Schweppes lemon and orange, Lipton Ice tea lemon and peach, 6 kinds of natural fruit juice, aloe juice and draught beer.
  • There is also the Open Bar in the pool! To quench your thirst even during your relaxing moments.
  • A child-friendly dispenser with natural and good juices, positioned at the right height for self-supporting.
  • Drinky the bottle to take with you and to keep your favorite drinks fresh.
  • Soft ice cream and granite, you can find them all day 7 out of 7 at the hotel bar.