Frequent Questions

  • What if I have to give up my vacation? Don't worry, no problem! For cancellations with in 15 days from the date of expected arrival you will be refunded the full amount (whether you have chosen the 5% discount with total balance, or you have only paid the deposit). For late cancellations we will only treat the amount of the deposit ranging from a minimum of €350 to a maximum of €1000.
  • Is there a parking space available? You will find an outdoor parking area and guarded 24 hours a day about 200 meters from the hotel, or, with a difference of €5 per day you can reserve the parking space with a special curtain to protect from the sun and the weather.
  • Where are you? We are located in the Terme di Riccione - San Martino area, a few steps from the sea (easily reachable in 2 minutes on foot) and a few steps from the famous Viale Ceccarini.
  • Is there Wi-Fi? Of course, you will find it available in all common areas and rooms.
  • Is there a swimming pool in the hotel? You will find our heated swimming pool with whirlpool area and cervical waterfalls for adults, while for children there is a special area where the water is lower.
  • What if my baby is sick during my stay? No problem, the free paediatric service is available by appointment from Monday to Friday.
  • How can I prepare baby food for my baby? The kitchenette is available 24 hours a day, where you will always find at your disposal: vegetable broth, meat broth and vegetable puree (without salt), pasta, extra virgin olive oil and specific cheeses for children during weaning. And in addition: microwave, refrigerator, crockery and bottle warmer. For any other request you can always contact us :)
  • Are pets allowed? Is there an extra charge? We accept small pets. In the respect of all guests, they can not access the common areas such as indoor restaurant and swimming pool.
  • Is there a bicycle service? Of course! You will find bicycles with front and rear seats available. And that's not all: there are also bicycles for children (suitable from 5 / 6 years). Helmets are also available on request.
  • Do you also have pushchairs? Of course, they are always available throughout the day.

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