All the taste you want around the Romagna

Taste the cuisine of the other Club Family Hotels®, your holiday has 9 restaurants

Finally you are in Romagna! Why not take advantage and… taste it all? With the dine around formula designed exclusively for you who are a guest in the Club Family Hotels, you have the opportunity to have lunch and dinner in freedom in the restaurants of the other Group Hotels and to explore one of the most envied regions of Italy! In Milano Marittima, Cervia, Riccione or Cesenatico, you are welcome in the Club Family restaurants!

The Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima and the Club Family Hotel Michelangelo: await you for a visit to the most chic city of the Adriatic coast for an evening walk among the most glamorous shops.

The Costa dei Pini Family Aparthotel Club awaits you in Cervia with its restaurant“Lo scoglio” and its crispy pizza. Here you will also find the Club Family Hotel Tintoretto very close to the points of interest of the city as the Salt Museum of Cervia, the House of the Butterflies and of course the pine forest of Cervia.

In Cesenatico you can enjoy lunch or dinner in the garden at the Club Family Hotel Executive or at the Club Family Hotel Serenissima or at the next Club Family Hotel Cesenatico Beach.

The Club Family Hotel Riccione is also waiting for you in Riccione. With the Club Family Hotel Romagna is waiting for you… at the table!