Buffet restaurant in Riccione, it’s feeding time!

With the Front cooking you see preparing what you eat

Mom, I’m hungry! The Club Family Hotel Funny Riccione with buffet and front cooking service is the perfect solution to eat every day what you want and to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Here the chefs follow the best dictates of local, Italian and international cuisine by turning out tasty dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We know exactly what the little ones like and we also love to make a few snags to the rule on vacation. Here is a dedicated buffet with sausages, croquettes, French fries, cutlets and much more! Desserts are not to be missed: there are big parties, chocolate fountains, cotton candy, popcorn and many other occasions of taste!

But we also know what adults like! That’s why we also have a grill in our restaurant with an open kitchen:so you can choose your favourite meat, fish or vegetables and we’ll cook them for you right on the spot! You can already imagine the delicious smell of a mixed grill, right?!

Do you want to take a trip to Romagna? With the Service Exclusive Dine Around, you can have lunch and dinner in one of the other Club Family Hotel in Milano Marittima,  Pinarella di Cervia, Cesenatico and Riccione. How about a lunch under the umbrella? Enjoy your meal!

To grow strong it is important to eat good and healthy, even on holiday

Preparing food for children is a great responsibility, that’s why we at Club Family Hotel Best Family Riccione decided to engage in a kitchen not only super tasty but also healthy.

Here you can taste the authentic taste of Romagna cuisine, a region of excellence where to sit at the table is always a moment of traditional conviviality and where the quality of raw materials is always at the first place. The kitchen of the Club Family Hotel satisfies even the most demanding palates knowing perfectly children’s taste.

Sammontana ice cream H12

Have you chosen your favorite flavor ?! Which Sammontana ice cream do you prefer? Stracciatella, strawberry, pistachio or classic chocolate?!  Why not all of them, then?!

At the end of lunch, as a snack or after dinner, waiting for you to go wild  with your family together with our entertainers or to enjoy the show with  a little freshness, what could be better than a tasty and very soft ice  cream? The ice cream shop is open all day. Look for the classic “ice cream cart” in our sweet corner, the one from your childhood memories, and

decide the taste of your ice cream! You can eat it when you want and as much as you want!

Ready for infinite sweetness ?!